Back from the Dead, Resurrection Plants and their Medicinal Purposes.

This game-changing natural ingredient is revolutionizing skincare.

The old axiom that nothing is more powerful than Mother Nature is perfectly expressed by the latest innovation in skincare. This game-changing ingredient didn’t sprout from a test tube or beaker, but from the earth’s natural bounty.

The term “resurrection plant” has been applied to numerous plant species across the globe, but they all share one main characteristic. Each plant can survive in environments with extreme dehydration levels. Some of the plants can last for months, and in some cases years on a small amount of moisture. All it takes is one little drop of moisture, and the plant is able to “resurrect” itself.

Check out what the process looks like in the image below:

WHAT IS UNUSUAL ABOUT THE PLANT – Resurrection plants are known for opening outwards when exposed to moisture, and being closed into a tight ball when dehydrated. The color of a dry resurrection plant is brown, while it turns green when moist, and the leaves, when unfurled, are fern-like and don’t produce flowers, fruit or seeds. Resurrection plants can survive extensive periods, years even without water, and when moisture is provided, it can appear to “resurrect” and ‘return from the dead’ even from stages of extreme dryness.

HISTORY – The Resurrection Plant can trace its ancestors far back into history and existed while dinosaurs roamed the earth! They appeared at least 400 million years ago as small plants similar in appearance to those that are alive today!

BENEFITS TO SKIN – Extracts from the plant help to deeply hydrate and restore skin vitality and improve skin radiance significantly. It can increase collagen and skin elasticity and can stimulate antioxidant skin defenses. The extract is also beneficial for anti-aging treatments and helps protect against oxidation. It provides incredible moisturization to the skin.

Capturing this miracle, VICCI, have included The Resurrection Plants in its a night face cream. Within the heart of this super plant for the skin, is its complex system of sugars that deeply hydrate, strengthen the skin’s cellular structure and reduce sensitivity.


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