VICCI Multifunctional Skincare Products Review

By Ms. SvaySocheata

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing great!

So today I wanted to talk to you about the different skincare ingredients and how important it is to take care of your skin in the right way. We all know that strong chemicals are very popular in skincare products these days and they do make your skin look better immediately. However, the truth that most people will not tell you, is that they actually harm your skin in the long run. They are causing permanent damage to your skin barrier.

Now, what is this skin barrier? Well, the skin barrier is the layer between your environment and the body, it helps protect the skin beneath. When your skin barrier is damaged, your body gets easily affected by environmental pathogens. So, it is not able to handle the stressful environment. Some of the signs of damaged skin barrier include sun sensitivity, eczema, overall skin thinning, visible blood vessels underneath eyes, easy bruising and scarring. So these chemicals might have provided you smoother skin initially but in the long run, they are causing more harm.

VICCI brand focuses on quality ingredients that only benefit the skin. VICCI products are multifunctional and help with a few problems at the same time. We only use only high-quality ingredients approved by the FDA. Truth is good quality ingredients start working after a while because skin structure cannot change very quickly. Only harmful chemical products can bring fast visible results, but they destroy your skin.

I will be telling you guys a very simple yet effective skincare routine.

So the first thing you want to do is cleanse the skin really well. Here is our foam cleanser, it is a very gentle yet effective cleanser, it’s really good at removing makeup. The particles in it are very tiny so they deeply penetrate into the pores. It is non-comedogenic, it means it does not clog your pores but actually helps kill bad bacteria. Even though this cleanser is essentially made for acne skin, it doesn’t dry skin at all but instead moisturizes it. We know that over-drying the skin can cause increased sebum production and thus exacerbating cystic acne. So our team really focused on creating a hydrating and moisturizing yet effective cleanser.


This cleanser has great ingredients.

It is made with Japanese silk extract and diamond powder. Also, formulated with MossCell technology which helps the skin retain hydration for longer. It contains Ascorbic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant, great for brightening the skin. It has green tea extract which helps soothe skin so you will feel refreshed after using this.

Also it has vitamin b-5 aka Panthenol. Vitamin b5 helps build skin barrier. According to recent studies, one of the triggers of acne is vitamin b5 deficiency. And even though this is a cleanser, it’s formulated in such a way that it fills in the skin with essential vitamins.

So after you have cleaned your skin you want to add moisture and good ingredients to it,  that are going to penetrate deeper and heal the skin from within.


This is our VICCI Multifunctional cream.

We did not want to add too many steps to your skincare routine, because we know how busy you all are. And honestly, no one has time to layer up too many products on their skin. The worst part is when you put so much effort daily and do not see any results. So, we have created a cream that is very multifunctional and effective. It helps combat major skin issues like acne, pigmentation and aging. So, it is an all in one cream, can be used in the morning and at night.  It is an amazing cream because it targets so many skin issues. Also this bottle, we made it really fancy and pretty, so you guys can have a taste of luxury but at such a good price!

This cream is made with 16 unique and powerful ingredients. Like Sodium Hyaluronate for hydration, amino acids for building skin barrier and moisturizing the skin. Acne-friendly oils like Frankincense oil and Squalane oil, which moisturize and heal skin from within. Frankincense oil also helps heal wounds and acne scars. This cream also has Niacinamide for brightening skin and tightening the pores, Centella Asiatica for soothing inflamed skin and licorice extract for overall brightening

VICCI unique and main ingredient is the so-called resurrection plant. It’s a special hydrating formula that helps substantially reduce the visible effects of environmental stressors and aging on the skin. We know how important it is to take care of skin and prevent aging at an earlier stage. Basically this is an all in one cream that will resolve most your skin issues.


I also wanted to talk to you guys about the third step which is applying sunscreen, especially in the morning, when you are going outside.

This sunscreen has  High SPF 50+++,  it has a very hydrating formula. Unlike most sunscreens, it also has brightening ingredients, which help prevent tanning and also brighten overall skin complexion and reduce pigmentation. It also protects from pollution and blue light from computers and smart phones. How cool is that!!

It doesn’t leave a ghostly gray cast and it is moisturizing, which means it is perfect for prepping the skin before applying makeup.




Okay, so we have an extra step.

These are facial masks that you guys can use either daily before sunscreen or on special occasions when your skin needs extra help.

It has 2 sets of masks.  Step 1 is these healing leaves, you just apply them on your skin where it requires healing like active acne, and then you apply step 2, which is an overall face sheet mask. This sheet mask has both moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients.

Here is a cool tip, after the first use, don’t throw it away! Instead, save it. There is enough liquid to use it 2 times. After the first use, just put back the silk face sheet into the liquid and you can use it for another time.

And that is it you guys, make sure to check out our promotions and get the discount. Please keep in mind these promotions are only for a limited time so do check them out now.

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